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It's almost the beginning of a new year and we are doing more non-conventional things as families and individuals to keep up with the crazy economy and the increasing inflation. There are a couple things we can recommend that will help you get through the next season.

  1. Make sure that you get your mower tuned up and serviced during the winter months. this is a slower time for everyone and having a mower that is maintained and ready for the spring can be key for the middle of the season when most issues happen. Last year we saw 80% of the issues ended up being fixed with a service so if you do it in the winter or early spring, it can eliminate down time. Mowers and equipment should be serviced at LEAST once a year.

  2. Last of all use non-ethanol fuel in your equipment. We saw out of the 80% that needed service in the busy season that 70% of those were ethanol issues that could have been avoided with non-ethanol fuel. if you do both of these things, you should not have any issues outside of unforeseen items failing which can be a quick fix in busy season.

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